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Well.. Its pretty much my fault :(

2011-07-09 19:13:03 by blackzilver

I wanted to make two animations for Robot Day. But i got caught up with school i was waaay behind with some school work so i had to rush and make them all in time. So i never had time to make a decent animation (sign..)

BUT! I'm still planning on making those animations ANYWAYS!! I did squeeze two songs out of me for Robot Day ;)
There on my alt YouriX.



Mehanical Conducter

Each of them have a story to tell. There still trapped in my sick mind. But once i animate them i hope you enjoy them ;)



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2011-07-09 19:16:17

dont sweat it brosef, schools more important atm, NG will always be around :3

get it done right and show us your magic then.

(Updated ) blackzilver responds:

Yeah, i know but if i did my school work in time i would have had the chance to make them. But thanks for the kind words man ;)


2011-07-09 19:17:32

mindchambers right bro school first then NG :P

blackzilver responds:

For sure ;)


2011-07-09 22:31:00

The two guys above speak the truth, spawn of Newgrounds. I procrastinated with an animation (still not done) but finished the semester proudly. And now that I'm on vacation and have more time I'll work on it and get it done :)

blackzilver responds:

Oke, i understand thanks for sharing :)