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DubStep is not always about the WOBBLE sweety

2011-08-04 17:16:28 by blackzilver

Dubstep, like many genres is evolving like a Pokemon. Becoming stronger and faster and even smarter!
There is more quality control more melodies more structure. And like usual there are those who hate it and there are those who love it "like there first lover".

Either you hate it or not. It cannot be stopped! Just Like Jungle became Drum and Bass and from there Liquid Funk was born, a genre that is growing more in popularity every day. But where not talking about Jungle or Liquid Funk. But about Dubstep!

Did you ever heard of Glitch Hop? No? You should! Its Dubstep + Hip Hop. Ever heard of DrumStep? Well, you probably did heard about that one. Its Dubstep + DrumNbass. And i have to say im liking it! (Every second of it)
Does this post make any sense? If not it makes sense. I'm kinda drunk right now. (Drank to many Pina Colada's.)

Either way the reason im making this post is to promote my cool new song for madness day! Called: Evil Clowns DrumsStep!
Its on my alt



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2011-08-04 17:26:22

you wish

blackzilver responds:

You cant stop the changing of DUBSTEP!! Its in the ElectronicScriptures! It's has been prophesied!!


2011-08-04 17:31:56


blackzilver responds:



2011-08-04 17:41:58


blackzilver responds:



2011-08-04 18:16:40

Dubstep without the WUB WUB WUB drop is really just Drum & Bass.

blackzilver responds:

Well sir, listen to this song and come back to me. t5JC7eNgc


2011-08-04 19:58:48

lol never heard of dubstep seems important

blackzilver responds:

Its more important then your own life..


2011-08-04 20:34:35

stop trying to argue it, just listen to the music and enjoy life

blackzilver responds:

Im not argueing but spitting out the facts. Pointing out the obvious for my own pleasure.


2011-08-04 22:07:59

There's pornstep too..

Although, just a quick one: Dubstep, as many other genr├ęs of the electronic music. Is purely experimental. I mean, they all evolve from some where. Out of a reason, out of experiments.

There's even a mix between the harddance/house style known as Hardstyle with Dubstep, Dubstyle. Check "The MF Point of Perfection" for more. Really sweet.

blackzilver responds:

Hmmm PornStep sounds sexy <3


2011-08-05 02:46:28

Woo, let's break subgenres into subgenres until there's no room for originality anymore.
If a genuinely skilled musician who knew what they were doing was inspired by Spanish flamenco music, metal, dubstep and Jewish folk tunes, they could borrow elements from all of those and incorporate it into their music. But if they went around referring to it as a new genre called KLEZMERSTEP-FLAMENCORE, they'd inspire lots of little dickweeds to write their own, which would sound exactly the fucking same. What started as one person's original vision became everyone elses restrictions, which is exactly what music isn't about.

So dubstep IS just about the wobble, because it isn't a genre. It's a sound effect. An instrument. And if people started treating it as one then maybe it we wouldn't have millions of little wubwubwub songs that all sounded identical. But I doubt that, because copying one or two other people directly is easier than drawing from a variety of sources, or learning how to actually write music in the first place.

blackzilver responds:

Ooooh we have a Mister smarty pants right here. Anyways, yes i do agree with you that music should not have any ristrictions. But there is nothing wrong in using some guidelines. And then decide to give these guidelines names.

How will people know exactly what kind of music you like? If you say i like listening to calm music. That mean something diffrint to diffrint people. You could be talking about ambient, classical or drone.

But if you speak the name of one of these gernes then people will have some idea of what the heck your talking about.
Without these guidelines there would be total chaos and misunderstandings.


2011-08-05 03:06:06

DubStep is just a random genre of music with the wub wub wub added in, and to be honest I think it's utter shit.

(Updated ) blackzilver responds:

At first i disliked Dubstep for that reason. But after listening to some really cool mixtures and creative productions. You would be surprised to know how cool they sound and even become a fan!


2011-08-05 07:29:52

I think drumstep is good. Do you know why? Because it doesn't even fucking sound like dubstep. Calling it a subgenre of dubstep doesn't even make any sense. It's sounds more like it would be a subgenre of Drum & Bass.

blackzilver responds:

Dude, the reason why they call it a subgerne is becuase like Dubstep, Drumstep has a half step beat pattren. (You hear the snare half of the time.)

But unlike Dubstep wich is around 135-142 BPM. DrumStep has the same BPM as DnB wich goes from 150-170BPM.


2011-08-05 14:21:13

I agree that subgenres are good for finding stuff you like. They're not good for making the stuff in the first place. I had a look into 'Pornstep' that Portalfudge mentioned. It was an interesting idea, sampling porn and some wubwub stuff. Whoever did it first did something genuinely interesting. But there were several different people doing it, which is still cool, but they weren't being inspired by the previous idea, they were copying it. Instead of working out interesting ways to utilise it or expand upon the idea, you had several people following out one person's innovation precisely with no variation. And referring to it as 'Pornstep' in the first place makes people feel ok with that, because now instead of copying it's 'being a part of something'. If a listener heard this great porn sampling idea by Johnny McBallsack and was inspired to write something, he'd probably think "I don't want it to sound TOO much like Johnny McBallsack, I should try and take this in another direction, add my own twist on it." But if you call it Pornstep and it becomes a collective that you can be a part of, then Mr young inspired listener suddenly WANTS his music to be exactly what the last guy did, because that ensures he's contributing to his new favourite subculture that he's decided he wants to be in on. It makes people want to be pigeonholed, and it's silly.

(Updated ) blackzilver responds:

Ok i understand where your going with this. But here is a fact my friend. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE COPYCATS!!!

I am pretty sure there will be people who will try to emualte your animation style just like they did with Egoraptor.

And you want to why? Becuase not everybody can be original. That is why you see so many sprite animations. Because people dont have enough imagination to make there own original characters.

And that is why we call people who can make original stuff the talented.

And believe ME!! I try to make a twist in my songs, go ahead and listen to them, There arnt alot of songs that sound like mine or any for that matter!!
But i have to name them to a genre just to give a idea of what kind of song im producing.

People themself choose to be pigeonholed becuase most people are just not talented enough to make up there own stuff or ATLEAST bring a twist to known concept.


2011-08-05 15:28:33

I think the "wobble wobble wub wub wub" should be featured a little less, it makes the whole thing generic in my opinion. I enjoy variation far more.

blackzilver responds:

Presicly! Im not saying get rid of the wobble but use it less or in a interasting way. :)


2011-08-05 17:30:19

wouldn't glitch hop be more of a mix between glitch and hip-hop?

blackzilver responds:

That would make sense. But i geuss the people just wanted to stay away a bit about the naming something with the word "step" in it.


2011-08-05 17:48:55


Oh well, you could have said "THERE'S NO STOPPING HUMAN NATURE" instead and still wouldn't make a difference. People do the same thing, oh well. That's just a part of being alive is to replicate something as we see it, and either add originality into it or not.

Take a look at some of Haywire's music on NG. His blend of old school hip-hop with dubstep makes it seem interesting in the least. I get tired of the big bass shit that is so reproduced. BUT...I will say, one variation of dubstep I like to an extent is Darkstep. Some people refer to that, so I guess I will in case you don't understand, however besides that point, it relies a lot on the element of dark atmosphere, while maintaining an equal amount of bass and drops.

blackzilver responds:

Sorry but Dubstep came FROM Darkstep. Darkstep was a genre that came around the 90's. Its more of a Darker version of DnB. And ofcourse a growling bassline.

Still, glad you agreed with me with the whole copycat thing.