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U like Webcomic? Cuz i like U :3

2011-11-21 10:01:53 by blackzilver


Well just did some work to my website.
Now i have to make more content, in this case more comics. But also i will be making more tracks. Dnb songs or Dubstep whatever you whipper snappers are listening to right now.

Anyways i have big plans and it will take some time. And it all depends on how well my website grows. But for it to grow i need you guys the more! The readers!

Wish me luck!

U like Webcomic? Cuz i like U :3


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2011-11-21 20:35:37

Nup. U stil likez me? :3

blackzilver responds:

Well, now i have mixed feelings for you :P