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WTF is Chillstep???

2013-03-20 23:23:24 by blackzilver

YouriX super awesome electronic muscian just released his EP called "Hosts Of Angels". Also giving himself the title of "The pioneer of Chillstep".

Chillstep you say? So i went and checked other chillstep songs and found some pretty cool chilled out dubstep.
In fact a bit to mellow. These songs actually live up to there name.

But if you go and listen to the songs that YouriX made. You can't really call it Chillstep but you can't really call it Dubstep either. If you categorise Dubstep as in having some really heavy bass(wobble).

So his dubstep songs are way to energetic to be called Chillstep but there also to melodic to be categorise as the usual Dubstep songs you hear.

So.... What kind of dubstep is YouriX making? Is it a new genre? Or is there already a name for it, but im simply ignorant of its existence?



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2013-03-21 02:13:46

I'm ignorant about this as well. But it doesn't surprise me that more and more stuff are added with the -step suffix. I mean, I don't do that but I suppose it helps people distinguish between different kinds of dubstep? I feel like I should stop making dubstep soon. Pool's getting crowded. :<

blackzilver responds:

Hahahaha! Yeah more and more dudes are making dustep now. On th otherside i kinda like it that way, if more people produce dubstep more fresh new ideas will come up to the point that they might produce a completely new genre!


2013-03-21 04:25:40

One more genre to keep track of! Without that heavy bass, couldn't it be catoegorzed directly as ambient? Those tracks sound more like a mixture of trance and electro to me. Sounds good though!

blackzilver responds:

Now that i think about it. You could be unto something. Chillstep could simply be more of a ambient genre. But its more melodic in a way to the usual ambient we hear.

But on the otherside ambient itself is a very broad genre. Ambient could just be random sounds of birds and ocean or random sounds from electronic devices (VST).

The tracks being more of a mixture of trance and electro is also not a bad thought. But you can still hear a little wobble here and there througout the song.


2013-03-21 05:29:43

Subgenre classification is stupid.

blackzilver responds:

It is! But somehow its kinda fun to think about it. I find it kinda fascinating how a music style can evolve and become something completely different.


2013-03-21 11:39:44

Lol, strokin your own dick in 3rd person again I see :3

blackzilver responds:

Hahahah you know me to well ;)


2013-03-21 17:01:19

Wasn't dubstep originally pretty chill? You listen to the old stuff and it's really minimal with just a sub and some funk drums.

That Host of Angels song doesn't seem chill to me at all. XD

blackzilver responds:

Hahahah. Yeah Dubstep has change alot with time. So you could say that the original Dubstep is actually the real Chillstep and the newer Dubstep we listen to right now is actually a new genre?? (MIndphunk)


2013-03-21 17:56:10

@Kajenx Nope...
@Post Well, I dunno... I'll stick to Modestep and original Dubstep.

blackzilver responds:

Modestep is a pretty awesome dubstep band. But there is nothing wrong in explorering other options.


2013-03-22 00:30:10

Glad you agree. What I was referring to was how many people get into pissing matches if the EQ of the bass drum is off a .5 hz and it makes it a different genre or pontificate over some other trivial crap. The characteristics that make up a genre are very dynamic, and music categorization is continuous not discrete. Otherwise you're limiting the creative boundaries of what a certain musician can produce in a given genre. What Yourix's music is could be melodic dubstep influenced by chill-out elements. No one is a pioneer of any genre, they are a pioneer of their own creative minds.

blackzilver responds:

Wow, that last sentence really got me. Its true that some peeps go way overboard on the categorization of music styles. On the otherhand we do need these categories to communicate to other people what kind of music we like to listen to or atleast be able to discribe a certain song.


2013-03-24 07:46:36

Wait a second you are YouriX -_-

blackzilver responds:

Hahahahhahahahahahahaa Gotcha!!! xD