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Check it out guys!! the new ep for the newgrounds audio portal podcast.

WTF is Chillstep???

2013-03-20 23:23:24 by blackzilver

YouriX super awesome electronic muscian just released his EP called "Hosts Of Angels". Also giving himself the title of "The pioneer of Chillstep".

Chillstep you say? So i went and checked other chillstep songs and found some pretty cool chilled out dubstep.
In fact a bit to mellow. These songs actually live up to there name.

But if you go and listen to the songs that YouriX made. You can't really call it Chillstep but you can't really call it Dubstep either. If you categorise Dubstep as in having some really heavy bass(wobble).

So his dubstep songs are way to energetic to be called Chillstep but there also to melodic to be categorise as the usual Dubstep songs you hear.

So.... What kind of dubstep is YouriX making? Is it a new genre? Or is there already a name for it, but im simply ignorant of its existence?


Got 10th place! Last time i was on 8th place. hmmm. I dont know if i should see it as progress. But its atleast something. Anyways got my animation on youtube! Check it out!

YouriX Music Reviews progress?!?

YouriX Music Reviews a ANIMATION Helping the AUDIOPORTAL :D

2011-12-10 06:30:04 by blackzilver


Is a flash show where i review music from the Audioportal. Its still ruff around the edges but the concept has potential.

My goal is to help you to get to know the muscians here on NG. There are some really good composers that are dieing to be heard. And what better way to do it by making a flash animation!

If your a Audioportal Musician and have a album you want me to review just got to this link: 84320

In this episode i review this album! And comment other NG artists!


YouriX Music Reviews a ANIMATION Helping the AUDIOPORTAL :D


Well just did some work to my website.
Now i have to make more content, in this case more comics. But also i will be making more tracks. Dnb songs or Dubstep whatever you whipper snappers are listening to right now.

Anyways i have big plans and it will take some time. And it all depends on how well my website grows. But for it to grow i need you guys the more! The readers!

Wish me luck!

U like Webcomic? Cuz i like U :3

A Delicious Mini Album FREE for your enjoyment ;)

2011-10-28 11:06:37 by blackzilver

On my alt account i uploaded a cool new track called Durian Spiked Fruit Its a pretty tasty song! Hope you enjoy it!

Its the main song from my upcoming EP(Extended Play or Mini Album) DURIAN SPIKED FRUIT. Coming soon!!

Durian Spiked Fruit

A Delicious Mini Album FREE for your enjoyment ;)

Madness day music just for you ANIMATORS ;)

2011-08-19 16:18:49 by blackzilver

Yes, Madness day is coming soon. And what better way to prepare yourself right now! Here is a track i made!

Evil Clown DrumStep

Also if you want you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel! ;)

Song Playlist:
Blue Nightmare
Evil Clown DrumStep

DubStep is not always about the WOBBLE sweety

2011-08-04 17:16:28 by blackzilver

Dubstep, like many genres is evolving like a Pokemon. Becoming stronger and faster and even smarter!
There is more quality control more melodies more structure. And like usual there are those who hate it and there are those who love it "like there first lover".

Either you hate it or not. It cannot be stopped! Just Like Jungle became Drum and Bass and from there Liquid Funk was born, a genre that is growing more in popularity every day. But where not talking about Jungle or Liquid Funk. But about Dubstep!

Did you ever heard of Glitch Hop? No? You should! Its Dubstep + Hip Hop. Ever heard of DrumStep? Well, you probably did heard about that one. Its Dubstep + DrumNbass. And i have to say im liking it! (Every second of it)
Does this post make any sense? If not it makes sense. I'm kinda drunk right now. (Drank to many Pina Colada's.)

Either way the reason im making this post is to promote my cool new song for madness day! Called: Evil Clowns DrumsStep!
Its on my alt


I wanted to make two animations for Robot Day. But i got caught up with school i was waaay behind with some school work so i had to rush and make them all in time. So i never had time to make a decent animation (sign..)

BUT! I'm still planning on making those animations ANYWAYS!! I did squeeze two songs out of me for Robot Day ;)
There on my alt YouriX.



Mehanical Conducter

Each of them have a story to tell. There still trapped in my sick mind. But once i animate them i hope you enjoy them ;)


At you can download this EP for FREE!!!

You like DnB? Jungle? and every now and then a dosis of Harstyle? Hmmm....
THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! GO get yourself a free album by me ;)

Original account.